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CHIME Band with Edmonds LYNE 2024

As 2024 marches confidently into the Year of the Dragon, CHIME Band is once again front and center to celebrate Lunar New Year, this time for Edmonds, WA.

On February 10th, the Lunar New Year Edmonds celebration continued its third year of celebrating Asian culture and local businesses. Three performances were scheduled for the Special Lunar New Year Evening, and CHIME Band was given the honor of being the opening act.

As always, the band featured a spectacular performance filled with nostalgic music, solos, and audience participation that was sure to be the highlight of the evening. As Fan Ping’s magical voice lit the stage, it was met by not just guitar, drums, and bass, but also by a trumpet, saxophone, and souna, highlighting CHIME’s versatility.

CHIME Band would like to thank the Massive Monkees and Chinese American Bear for sharing the stage, and all the local Edmonds businesses that sponsored this event.
We hope to see everyone again next year!


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