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CID Celebration - Opening Live Band

CHIME band is honer to join the CID Celebration on 7/22. It is the third times for CHIME to participate the CID celebration event. Being the opening live band, we felt welcomed and received a lot of applause during our performance. All of that paid off the efforts we put for preparations!

CID stands for Chinatown International District (CID), a multicultural area in Seattle. Besides culture exchange and sharing, the CID event aligns with Seattle City's Road to Downtown Recovery Plan. Full-day multicultural entertainment, activities for kids and families, raffles, and games brought many people to Chinatown International District areas.

CHIME Band performed many popular classic Chinese pop songs, english songs and also use Suona, traditional Chinese instrument in the play. Suona has a distinctively loud and high-pitched sound, and during the play, we got many eyeballs as usual.

CHIME Band uses music to practice cultural exchange and advocate Chinese culture. It is a dramatic joy that our music is being heard, and we will see "YOU ALL" around Seattle.



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